For Patients

New Frontier brings compassionate diagnostic imaging to the point of care; ensuring that patients get the tests they need, when they need them.

For Care Facilities

By bringing diagnostic tools to your facility, New Frontier can help you increase revenue and improve outcomes with convenient access to early diagnosis of issues.

For Physicians

Scheduling, distance, and transportation create major challenges for getting diagnostic information. New Frontier avoids those challenges by bringing our tools to the point of care.

Safety, Security, and Efficiency through Advanced Technology

New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics uses the most technologically advanced ultrasound equipment when performing procedures for our patients. This allows NFMD to be:

  • Efficient – Fast, secure uploads of studies to your physician
  • Secure – Military-grade encryption ensures HIPAA-compliant safety of patient records
  • Accessible – All records and studies are stored securely in the cloud, ensuring records are available quickly, when needed, where needed

NFMD has chosen GE Vivid Ultrasound Machines, which are capable of pulsed wave, continuous wave, color, and power Doppler capabilities. A variety of high-quality GE transducers allow a variety of scanning options, including echocardiograms, vascular, abdominal, and musculoskeletal scans.

In addition, NFMD utilizes some of the most advanced software for scheduling, billing, PACS (picture and communication system), and patient interaction.

Blog Posts

New Year, Same Mission – Imaging for Everyone

While 2020 saw us get off the ground, 2021 is the year when New Frontier truly starts executing on our core mission – improving access to diagnostic imaging for everyone, regardless of where they live or their insurance coverage.

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Blog Posts

RDCS :Why Did I Choose a Portable Ultrasound Company?

A registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer (RDCS) shares her thought process when evaluating sticking with the hospital’s patient churn and burn or switching to something lesser known: a portable diagnostic imaging company that goes directly to the point of care.

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