Imaging For Everyone: Rural Patients

Last New Year, we wrote about our mission ‘Imaging for Everyone.’ While that is the focus and goal of our operations, we would like this year’s post to focus more on what exactly that means for rural patients.

Patients are having to drive potentially hundreds of miles to get to a hospital or imaging facility. But what happens if they can’t drive hundreds of miles for diagnostic care?

The solution in the past has been sub-par, rushed imaging from portable imaging providers. These sonographers have completely booked schedules, sometimes traveling hundreds of miles within a day. This leaves less time for the sonographer to get quality images of the patient – which means the patient is paying hundreds of dollars, potentially taking time off work, only to find out that the images taken were not readable and the results inconclusive.

This is where New Frontier stepped in. We wanted to create a real solution for rural patients to receive high-quality, affordable imaging that they can get answers from – directly in the comfort of their doctor’s office or facility. We have set up the schedules to make sure that each of our sonographers has more than enough time with each patient, for each procedure.

More time means better images and an elevated experience for each patient. They get the answers they deserve – quickly – with zero inconclusive reports.

New Frontier’s goal is not only ‘Imaging for Everyone’ this year – but accessible, high-quality, portable imaging for all rural patients in need.