In a recent interview with NPR (link), officials from the Department of Veterans Affairs believe that telehealth and services like those provided by New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics may solve many of the challenges faced by the 5 million veterans that live in rural America.

Often, rural residents have to drive hours to reach the closest doctor’s office. If a specialty procedure like a diagnostic ultrasound is needed, it could be even harder to find and farther away.

And this assumes that those individuals have access to adequate transportation that can take them there. While there are services such as non-emergency medical transport available, these services are often unreliable, hard to schedule, extremely expensive, and don’t alleviate the challenges of moving a person with mobility issues.

New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics changes that, by bringing the technician and equipment to the patient. We’re building a practice that will visit care facilities and clinics throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas, ensuring that patients get the care they need, where they need it. For more info, send us an email at info@newfrontiermd.com.