Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology Extends Reach with New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics

Partnership Provides Innovative Access to Care for Children with Heart Conditions

Kansas City, MO – Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology will now be able to reach more families of children with heart conditions in Kansas and Missouri by partnering with New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics, the region’s newest provider of portable diagnostic imaging.


Heart conditions impact 2.5% or 1.6 million children in the United States, according to research by the CDC. Up to 60% of those children have additional special health care needs that accompany heart conditions, highlighting the importance of screening and surveillance for these conditions in children. 


“Echocardiograms are a critical tool in the early diagnosis of both congenital and acquired heart disease in children,” said Dr. Bill Drake, a cardiologist with Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology. “Partnering with New Frontier for diagnostic imaging gives us the opportunity to extend our reach in the community, allowing us to help more families identify and treat heart conditions impacting children.”


New Frontier produces high-quality imaging studies using portable ultrasound machines, allowing procedures to be performed in a doctor’s office or health center. These machines use sound waves to create videos of the heart in motion, allowing a physician to see any irregularities in size, function, or rhythm. 


“Trips to the doctor’s office can be frightening, but ultrasound is a great tool when working with children,” said Leah Astleford, Lead Ultrasound Technologist with New Frontier. “Once they get over the gooey way the gel feels, children don’t mind sitting through the procedure.”


Access to care remains a significant problem for Americans, according to the American Heart Association and other health care organizations. Because of the portable nature of the technology, New Frontier can extend diagnostic imaging to communities across the states of Kansas and Missouri. The partnership with Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology builds on New Frontier’s partnership with Healient Physicians Group of Kansas City, adding pediatric capabilities to New Frontier’s imaging services for adults. 


“Imaging is the first critical step to know what is happening within the body,” said Astleford. “Adding pediatric cardiology to our solutions underscores New Frontier’s goal of extending quality, affordable diagnostic care to families when they need it, where they need it. We see this as a step towards achieving our goal of ‘Imaging for Everyone.’”




About Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology

Kansas City Pediatric Cardiology specializes in treating congenital heart problems from birth to adult. We evaluate and treat heart problems such as a weak heart, murmurs, heart inflammation, too fast/too slow heart rhythms, high blood pressure, and chest pains and screen based on a family history of heart conditions. Founded in 2014, the team at KC Pediatric Cardiology work diligently to provide patient- and family-centered care with a personal, individualized approach. For more information, go to www.KCKidHeart.com


About New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics


New Frontier is Kansas and Missouri’s newest provider of in-office diagnostic imaging services for heart, vascular, and general imaging procedures. By partnering with leading local physicians, New Frontier ensures informed, professional analysis, bringing patients access to quality diagnostic care, when they need it, where they need it. Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable care on their health journey, and New Frontier believes that journey starts when we achieve Imaging for Everyone. For more information, go to www.NewFrontierMD.com