New Year, Same Mission – Imaging for Everyone

It’s a snowy, cold day in Kansas City, but it’s the start of an exciting New Year for New Frontier!

While 2020 saw us get off the ground, 2021 is the year when New Frontier truly starts executing on our core mission – improving access to diagnostic imaging for everyone, regardless of where they live or their insurance coverage. 

Whether it is a heart condition, checking arteries for narrowing, or a broken bone, diagnostic imaging provides the first, non-invasive look into the patient’s body, allowing the care team to form critical, initial plans for treatment. 

Increasingly, patients are forced to pay thousands of dollars and drive hours to a hospital or imaging center for diagnostic care, but New Frontier is changing that. By providing certified, professional sonographers with high-quality portable technology and backed up by a solid relationship with the physicians at Healient Physician Group, New Frontier provides the critical diagnostic information physicians and patients need to make informed choices for care.

Regardless of where a patient may be, New Frontier can find a doctor’s office or care facility close to that patient, providing them with critical diagnostic care at a fraction of the price of a hospital. 

We’re looking forward to a great 2021, when we can achieve and continue to build on our core mission – Imaging for Everyone.