Statement of IDTF Compliance

NFMD Statement on IDTF Compliance

February 6, 2020

New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics (NFMD) is considered an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility under the Medicare program, meaning that we are a facility that is independent of both an attending/consulting physician’s office or a hospital, while still being under the supervision of an appropriate physician.

As such, NFMD certifies that it meets the following standards and all other requirements consistent with 42CFR410.33(g):

  1. NFMD operates in compliance with all applicable Federal and State licensure and regulatory requirements for the health and safety of patients.
  2. NFMD has provided complete and accurate information on all applications with CMMS and appropriate insurance payers.
  3. NFMD maintains a physical presence at our main office (1301 Oak Street, Suite 713, Kansas City, MO 64106). This location maintains appropriate facilities for the storage of business and medical records. Patients are not served at this location, so hand washing and patient privacy accommodations are not provided at the main office.
  4. All portable diagnostic testing equipment is catalogued, maintained per manufacturer specifications, and available for inspection within two (2) business days of a CMS inspection request. NFMD will notify CMS and the MAC of any equipment changes within 90 days.
  5. NFMD maintains a business phone of 833-763-6363 (toll free) and 913-428-9488, and both numbers are listed with directory assistance.
  6. NFMD maintains comprehensive liability insurance, in compliance with CMS requirements.
  7. NFMD will not directly solicit patients for services, and all procedures must be referred by a physician or non-physician practitioner in compliance with 410.32(a).
  8. NFMD maintains documentation of any patient clinical complaints at the main office, including name, contact, and health insurance claim number of beneficiary, date of the complaint, and a summary of actions to be taken.
  9. NFMD posts these standards in our main office, on our website, and makes them available to patients.
  10. NFMD agrees to disclose any financial or legal interests in the company to the government.
  11. NFMD maintains all medical equipment in compliance with manufacturer standards for maintenance and calibration.
  12. All NFMD personnel meet or exceed the credentials required for procedures performed, including any required Federal or State licenses or certifications required.
  13. NFMD properly and securely stores medical records, and they may be produced within two (2) business days of a CMS or MAC request.
  14. NFMD is subject to unannounced, on-site inspections to confirm compliance with these standards during regular business hours.
  15. NFMD has submitted an application to CMS, and will complete CMS enrollment before providing any Medicare-based services for patients.
  16. NFMD will bill for all services appropriately, including any services provided under arrangements listed in section 1861(w)(1).

These standards are also maintained at  

If you have any questions on these or other compliance issues, please don’t hesitate to contact NFMD at 833-763-6363.