Competent Care for Physicians

NFMD is your "Easy" button for Diagnostic Care

New Frontier was formed to help Physicians and their practices extend their reach closer to their patients, providing access to care even when patients may have mobility challenges.

By partnering with NFMD, physicians and practices can:

  • Lower Patient Costs – Eliminate transport for non-urgent care
  • Expand Patient Access to Care – Extending care closer to the patient improves access and compliance with care instructions
  • Improve Physician Control and Patient Retention – End the referral maze by working with a competent partner that returns quality studies within 24 hours of the procedure

Physicians and practices that work with NFMD gain high-quality diagnostic information about their patients without forcing them to deal with the cost, scheduling hassles, and potential dangers on non-emergency medical transport.

NFMD brings the tools and technicians closer to the patients, providing diagnostic care when they need it, where they need it.

Skilled Technicians using High-Quality Imaging

NFMD has been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as a Part B Medicare provider under the terms defined for an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF), and we have structured the company to meet or exceed these requirements. 

So, what does that mean?

First, NFMD is operated under the direction of a Supervising Physician, Dr. David Burkart, Interventional Radiologist. The Supervising Physician is responsible for ensuring that all employees that perform procedures have proper credentials, have been trained in how to perform the procedures, and are using equipment that is maintained and conditioned to provide optimal imaging. Dr. Burkart is a well-respected member of the healthcare community, and brings nearly 30 years of experience to managing the NFMD staff requirements. 

Second, NFMD only hires technicians that have been credentialed by national accrediting organizations, and we ensure that those credentials are current and maintained, as long as the technician is a NFMD employee.

Finally, NFMD believes that the implementation and proper use of technology can truly streamline processes and improve outcomes for patients, facilities, and our physician partners. Our technicians use GE Vivid portable ultrasound machines, which provide high-quality, real-time 2D/3D imaging for clear ultrasound studies. NFMD has also combined our back-office systems to streamline the process of serving patients, from scheduling to procedure to return of the completed study.

Easier scheduling, skilled technicians, proficient procedures, and hassle-free billing. NFMD ensures your practice that you have a partner you can trust, while providing your patients with the compassionate care they need.


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How do I partner with New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics?

Excellent question! NFMD has developed flexible ways to partner with physicians, an we’re looking forward to exploring what a partnership with your practice could mean for patient care. 

If your patients are in a care facility, NFMD will establish a relationship with that site, and our technicians will perform the prescribed procedures in a room provided by the facility. If your patients are not in a care facility, NFMD can work with you or the community to find an appropriate location within a short distance from the patient’s site.  

We offer multiple pricing models designed to best fit the needs of the patients, care facility, and physicians. We can operate on an “On Call”, “Per Diem,” or on a “Full Service” basis, allowing NFMD to provide the best balance of resources and costs. It is anticipated that the Full Service option will become available mid-2021, as NFMD is in the process of gaining “in-network” status with a number of insurance providers in the area.

It’s important to note that a Primary Care Physician or an appropriately skilled Nurse Practitioner MUST prescribe the diagnostic procedure. New Frontier Mobile Diagnostics is not allowed to perform procedures without prior authorization and a physician’s prescription for the procedure. 

Call NFMD today at 833-763-6363 to see how we can partner with your practice to improve access to care and communication for your patients.